SEA which stands for Search Engine Advertising, it consists of activities of creating and optimizing search ads for high performance. The aim of search ads is usually conversions and the activities performed are usually towards this target. This is because you can easily target audiences and terms with laser focus on specific user actions (phone calls, clicks, purchases, etc..).

SEA can be short and long-term game, it is highly affected by the competition. Competitors with high paid budgets can force smaller players out of this channel. SEA, as with any ad platform stops bringing in traffic as soon as you stop paying for it. On the other hand, you can get traffic immediately without the need to invest for ranking upfront as we have to with SEO.


RegularSearch In A Box
Run The Ads$100 / month$49 / month
Commision On Ad Spent10%0%


Ads Optimizer

Ads need nurturing, monitoring and constant optimization to work. The competitive landscape changes frequently, costs rise and fall. One of the most time intensive and costly tasks when running ads is this of the optimization. It is commonplace that small agencies avoid doing optimizations altogether due to the high cost in terms of manpower.

The unique ability of Search In A Box is that it can automatically optimize the campaigns based on performance in order to maximize clicks and minimize costs.

Monthly Ad Campaign Reports

In order to easily keep an eye on how your campaigns are performing, we will be sending you a report once every month.

Reporting is also highly underrated, but for most businesses, it is valuable to have a non-technical report that helps in keeping track of the overall activity & performance of the campaigns.

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