The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it consists of activities that help a website achieve organic rankings and organic clicks. This type of organic traffic is usually of higher volume but of lower conversion rate. It is a good way to gather prospect clients and increase awareness.

SEO is more of a long-term strategy and in order to achieve rankings, you need to invest some money upfront. However, it can be one of your most sustainable sources of acquisition because the clicks you get afterward are completely free. SEO can keep generating free traffic for months or even years after you’ve stopped investing in it.


RegularSearch In A Box
SEO Services$200 / month$49 / month
Promotional Articles$100 / articleFree
Website Changes$20 / hour$20 / hour


Monthly SEO Audits

Search In A Box will be scanning your entire site on monthly basis, to ensure no red flags are up in terms of SEO. The Audit includes a scan for duplicated content, missing tags, broken sitemaps or misconfigured robots.txt. Anything that has the potential to affect your search traffic will be popping out in this audit, from which you will be getting a monthly report.

On Page Optimization

You will be given feedback and optimization guidelines for the pages you’ve chosen to rank high. Each month we will be searching for optimization opportunities on the page and we will be sending them to you.

Monthly Rankings Report

You will be receiving a monthly ranking report of your website in comparison to the competitors that you have provided.

FREE Monthly Promotions

Online Promotion is important not only for your brand but for the way search engines perceive your websites. We will be giving you a free promotion on one of our website. That’s right, for FREE!

Fair SEO Trade

What is this shit? Well, it is the way we do business and we are the creators of the term. Fair SEO consists of the simple principle that no more than 10 of your clients are to be targeting the same term to rank for, therefore having them to compete with each other.